June 23, 2016

Resume CV

Jared Davis ,                                    Montreal QC
40 years old Height 5’11  perfect health
flawless Clean driving record,   Bondable, 2012 toyota corolla

independent – Self Employed – Fully trained – Lone painter





Newsam Construction- www.newsam.ca    -April 18th – to Oct 19   2016

-23$ Newsam Westmount, Montreal QC (Charles) (514) 484-5020

-Residential & Commercial High end Homes, highly trained in speed painting.

Exterior Painting, Interior painting, Construction areas, Heights, Ladders


-October 2013 – april 11, 2016 http://pasticheinc.com/
-22$ hourly (514) 694-0179 (Doug Charland) AIRLESS SPRAYING

Pastiche painting inc | Montreal QC ( Lead painter)
Construction – Residential & Commercial/Office Professional painting,
graco AIRLESS spraying, plastering.Montreal QC

August 2012 – Aug 2013 http://paintologists.com
-19$   (514) 694-7025

Paintologists | Montreal,Quebec Professional painting,
– Residential & Commercial/Office Mostly brush and roll some airless.

June 2011 – March 2012 http://www.lcmr.ca/en/
Soltron Realties | Montreal, Quebec
Lead painter at Les Cours Mont-Royal mall(Peel metro)
Brush and roll painting, Plastering damaged areas
Heights, Public areas

January 2007 – March 2008
-17$    Quick Painters Ltd      131 Oprington  AIRLESS spray training
Kitchener, ON N2N 3E2 Phone: (519) 570-4071

Construction areas – Residential & Commercial/Office
Mostly office buildings,hockey arenas
All Commercial sector Internal and External painting
(commercial) Spraying,Rolling block filler

Fully Trained in commercial speed painting

High School or equivalent,
Lachine High | Montreal,Quebec Fitness honors
Vocational, Plastering,taping,Cutting,safety,scaffolding, (Course was taken in french),
January 2011 – December 2011
École des métiers de la construction de Montréal |Plateau ,Montreal (Course was taken in french)

Hewitt lift certified current 2015-2018
Have been certified with CCQ

First aid Ontario –

Cours en santé-sécurité | CSN – Construction

Can Speak English and french (born in Mtl)

Have worked with and been trained by many highly skilled painters,
Sheer skill and physical abilities & endurance,Extensive ladder training
flexibility, balance and coordination dedication to the craft.
My stamina, Able to wear mask for hours on end etc outdoor oil on metal railings.
Unmatched cutting skills, Arsonal of top of the line tools and tricks of the trade.

Music Production,Fitness,Home renovation,off grid living, cottage life,painting


Vi Tran family (Lee)   (laval area)  painted her home and basement, also did some landscaping for her

Lee-514 686-8902


Lucie Lalancette     ( lalancette.lucie@gmail.com)  painted her Home in quebec city last june 2016

Worked at MAC Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal

Past: Ubisoft Montreal Studio and Mouvement Desjardins

Studied at Université Laval , Lives in Quebec, Quebec

-Earnest Wong

Owner/President, Benihana Inc.
(514) 800-2427 Sherbrooke east  Painted the whole resto myself

Contractor worked with him on Allens Ranch in Lac brome
– Neil Albers (neilthepeel@live.ca)

-Lac brome QC

Allen Annett   (allenannett@gmail.com)

painted his Montreal PENTHOUSE & ranch in Lac brome amoung other projects

       450 539 3608

Gerry Nolan        gerry.nolan@gmail.com

  • Director of Sales at TRISTAR MEDIA SERVICES

    May 1, 2001 to present


  • Ginette Lemaire            https://www.facebook.com/ginette.lemaire.7

painted her home in Farnham QC recently 2015

Construction & Landscaping forman have worked with him in Vancouver BC on many projects

———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Anthony Cecere  landscaping forman


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5875 boul Robert

Saint-Léonard, Quebec
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(514) 570-7577
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and many more refrences upon request etc